FCCB Youth

FCCB Youth Group is all about connecting to Jesus, connecting with one another, and connecting others to God.

We have many opportunities to help teens grow in their faith, to serve, and to reach out to their friends.

In an age of social discord and rampant self-consumption, our FCCB youth gatherings seek to provide harmony, security, and educational opportunities for the holistic development of young men and women so that they may become agents of healing and social service.

Our youth had an absolute blast at Camp Berea this year!

If you want to join them next year, please see Bryant Peace for further details.




Upcoming Calendar Events

March 2016

  • 6th – YG Family Movie Night 6:00-8:00pm (FLC)*
  • 12th – Youth Host Yard Sale Fundraiser

April 2016

  • 9th – Spring Cleanup*
  • 16th – YG Dinner Fundraiser

May 2016

  • 1st – YG Family Movie Night 6:00-8:00pm (FLC)*
  • 8th – No Youth Group (Mother’s Day)

June 2016

  • 5th – ‘Youth/Children’s Sunday’ Service*
  • 19th – No Youth Group (Father’s Day)
  • 25th – Masco Last Day of School
*all ages welcome

Dominican Republic Missions Trip 2016

Our youth went to Santiago, Dominican Republic, this summer and had an incredibly meaningful time. From wheelbarrows and songs to building lasting friendships, God was undoubtedly at work with our group. Reach out to one of the youth group members to hear more about their trip!

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We aim to connect our youth with opportunities to not only serve each other, but also to serve their local and global community through collaboration with local and global agencies seeking to improve humanity’s wellbeing..

-In Christ,
Bryant Peace, Minister to Youth and Family

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