Lost and Found

Lost and Found

by Colleen Wages

When we see a box marked “lost and found” what usually comes to our minds?
Random objects, often used and torn forgotten things of all kinds.

These items are lost and abandoned and often not even sought.
They’re left discarded, collecting dust, they’re not given a second thought.

If I told you these objects were people, who would you think them to be?
Would you be surprised to hear, they are you and they are me?

I never considered myself lost, I didn’t think I had much to worry about,
Until Christ sent me to Place of Promise, to teach me a lesson, no doubt!

And right in front of me were the lost and found,
Each one with a name, each one with a smile.
And I learned we aren’t all that different as we sat and chatted awhile.

Of course we come from different backgrounds, each lost in our own way;
Whether regrettable paths, daily struggles and too often being the enemy’s prey.

But something was different about this lost and found, somehow I fit in;
Realizing my faults are no better or worse, for a sin is a sin is a sin.

Look inside your heart, don’t just look at others as being lost.
For God has shown me we are all equal at the foot of the Cross.

Place of Promise has helped me to see that the entire human race,
Is desperately in need of His love, His mercy, and His saving grace.

Though we were like sheep going astray, He went out in search of the one.
He forgave us and saved us at the expense of His only Son.

Rejoice! For us, His flock, we hear his voice and in the Shepherd’s arms we will be
No longer lost, nor cast aside, forever found are we.

@ Colleen Wages

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